Key Aspects of Good Photography

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and seen a photo that caught your attention? Did you ever know that, that is done on purpose and the credit goes towards photography skills that are meant to catch the attention of an audience? There are specific guidelines that a photographer uses to make a photo interesting and all together a great photo. Today I will demonstrate three different guidelines that can help you improve your photography skills.

  1. Rule of thirds.

In the rule of thirds the picture is split by four lines and the main focal point of the photo is placed in the intersecting of one of those two lines. Here in this photo you can see that the the rule of thirds is demonstrated perfectly and it gives it a good feel to the photo.

The flower is the rule of thirds and this creates an interesting photo to look at. More interesting than if it were just in the middle of the photo. As you can see the four lines of the rule of thirds in the second picture. The flower could have been placed anywhere in those intersecting lines and it would create the same effect and accomplish the rule of thirds.

Here is a photo I took to demonstrate the rule of thirds. I think this is an obvious use of rule of thirds and can be easily pointed out.

2. Leading lines

Leading lines is a way of directing the viewers attention to a certain part of the photograph.

In this photo the subject is really small but with the lines of the stairs it leads your eye to the person sitting down and that is a demonstration of good leading lines. leading lines can be hard to plan out but when it’s done correctly it can make for a really great photo.

Here is another photo I took that demonstrates leading lines. See if you can find the leading lines in the photo. I think that this creates a fun photo!

3. Depth of Field

Depth of field is probably one of the most common tools used in photography but one of the most effective as well. There is shallow depth of field and deep depth of field. in shallow depth of field there is a lot of blur behind the main subject and deep depth of field the whole picture is in focus. Here in this photo they are using shallow depth of field.

The ball is the main focus of the photo and so they blurred everything in the background. This is great for making a photo interesting because you can try and figure out what the background is and how it correlates with the rest of the photo but then you know what the main focus is because its the only thing thats in focus.

Here is a photo I took demonstrating depth of field. The background of this photo is super blurred like the example above but if you pay attention closely you can see that the trees are blurred and with that the depth of field is applied.


The best part about these guidelines is that they can all be applied to the same photo. Then you can create a photograph that follows the rules to making a great photo and most the time you will be really happy with the outcome of it all.