Positive Effects of Design

This is a poster I found that was created by Melanie Manfield. It was created for a campaign “Ignored Everyday Industrial Design Festival.”


Along with this poster are several other posters similar but also with other types of things instead of the paperclip. The campaign promotes designers and encourages people who seek a future in design.


When I first looked at this poster the first thing that stood out to me was the “ignored everyday.” We see hierarchy through it being boxed in with the black. Using contrast helps to add interest and to grab the attention of the audience. The color also adds contrast because yellow is so bright and the black stands out on it. I think that this was a bold move by Melanie because there is so much yellow on the poster but I think thats what adds so much visual interest to the poster.


Repetition is played through the color. If you go to the link I gave, you can see the rest of the collection from Melanie. She uses this bright yellow color throughout all of her posters along with other everyday things like a yellow sponge and some yellow string. Repetition can be given through many different ways but its all about being consistent with what you want to repeat. Melanie gives a great gallery of repetition to fit the theme she wanted to portray.


My favorite part about Melanie’s work is her alignment. She went against what we are use to which is things being on the left side of the paper. Instead she put her text on the right side of the page but still had a flush left alignment. I think this adds a lot of interest and gives something different for people to look at.


Proximity is grouping related items together. Melanie uses this in showing the importance of what she wants her viewers to know and to add another aspect of visual interest. “ignored everyday” being the title catches viewers attention and then she groups together the other important information like when its happening, what organization it’s for and where you can find more.


Melanie picks this bold yellow color, and if you could imagine driving down a street and seeing this sign what your first thoughts would be. I think I would want to know more. There isn’t any other colors in the poster but I think that, that alone makes it stand out. Especially because she chooses this theme and sticks it out throughout all the other posters and campaign.


Overall, Melanie used a lot of design principles that all come together to create a great poster. I think that I chose this poster mainly because it has a sense of formality to it and that is visually interesting to me. The alignment she uses stands out as well and I would say is her strongest principle. Learning more about these principles in design has definitely helped me realize the importance of applying them to projects. When you know how to use them correctly and know what looks good together is can go a long ways in the design world.