Magazine Spread

This week we worked on a magazine spread that showed our skills with working with InDesign. It was a good week and I loved learning about the things we can do and it was fun to expand my design knowledge.

  1. Well Written Content

In my magazine spread, I used an article found on called “Get Back Up and Keep Going” by Carlisa Cramer. The article is about 900 words and uses good flow and makes sense. We can see an obvious introduction and conclusion as well as different sections of the article.

2. Project specifics

My project is non-pixelated and easy to read, and has good quality photos that correspond with the theme and color scheme of the spread. The best part about my photos are that they were all my own photos. I took them in Rexburg and thought that they fit well with the project.

3.Target Audience Analysis

My target audience was young girls who not only suffer with health issues but also struggle with the daily effects of being a young teenage girl. It’s hard and they need to know that they can do anything they set their mind to as the girl did in the story. Also, I want to target the diabetes association because that’s what the girl in the story struggles with as well.

4. Design Analysis

I chose gold colors to go with the theme of the face of the book of mormon. This is because she starts out her story by telling a story about carrying a book of mormon around school. Then I wanted to do contrasting colors so I made the background black to contrast with the gold fonts and text. I liked using the text wrap so I used it for the shapes and photo I placed on the spread. I think it helped to give the spread a little bit more to it and made it interesting as a design.


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