Before we go any farther, I know that the poster is in a different language. But I still think that I can work with it and explain the way the typography works with the assignment. Unfortunately everything that I looked up for this event was in spanish, I think. So if you know anything about “Le Livre Sur La Place” I would love to hear what it’s about! This poster was created byRaphaël Teillet and if you click on his name, you can find more of his work on Behance.com. He has a lot of great work and I especially admire that he has a certain style that stands out from the rest.

So here we have the first type face that stands out the most. It fits more as a oldstyle type face because it has serifs and it transitions from thick to thin in its strokes. I am pretty sure there is a diagonal stress according to where the thin parts are in the letters.

Okay, so now we have this type face which would fall under the category of sans serif. Obviously because it has no serifs, but also because it has no transitions between strokes from thick to thin and because of that there is no stress between letters as well.

So with this poster there are the two different type faces that help make it contrast. The oldstyle forms more of a formal look with the serifs and helps the main topic to stand out. Then there is the more modern look of the sans serif that contrast with the oldstyle. I think this helps make the other things on the poster still stand out and be important, since it has it’s competition with the big oldstyle type face.


Overall we can see how the importance of different type faces can create contrast and also how it can be used to the advantage of showing the importance of things. A lot of the times in posters you don’t want everything (as far as type goes) to be the same size, so by adding contrasting typefaces it helps to show the importance of things and helps to grab the attention of the viewers.


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